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Blackhorse Celtic 0-3 Foxhunter FC

1) Liam Keeley 8
2) Dave McCabe 7
3) Brian McHale 8
4) Chris Crowley 9
5) Darren McCann 7
6) Robbie Whelan 8
7) John Clinton 7
8) Glen McDermott 7
9) Scott McCann 7
10)Andy Tully 7
11) Conor Luke 7
12) Jimmy Whelan 7
13) Greg Costelleo 7
14) Bob Kelly 7
15) Mick Dempsey 7
16) Robbie Curran 7

Man of the match - Chris Crowley

Scoring went as follows:

0-1 22 mins
0-2 82 mins
0-3 87 mins

Jimmy Whelan for Andy Tully 45 mins
Robbie Curran for Conor Luke 45 mins
Mick Dempsey for Glem McDermott 45 mins
Bob Kelly for Dave McCabe 60 mins
Greg Costelleo for Chris Crowley 82 mins


Bohemian SC 1-2 Blackhorse Celtic

Liam Keeley 8
Dave McCabe 8
Glen McDermott 8.5
Austin 9
Darren McCann 7.5
Bob Kelly 8
John Clinton 8
Jimmy Whelan 8
Chris Crowley 8.5
Brian McHale 9

Rob Breen 7.5 for Darren McCann 45mins
Ricky 7.5 for Bob Kelly 60mins
John O'Donoghue 7.5 for Dave McCabe 70mins
Mick 7.5 for Glen McDermott 75mins

Goals: 0-1 20mins
1-1 38 mins
2-1 82 mins

Men of the match: Brian McHale & Austin.

Match Report:

Well the new look Blackhorse Celtic took to their second game of the new season hoping to put behind them the disappointing start of last week. Celtic had faught bravely only to go down 3-0 against foxhunter FC.

Going into the game 8 players down, Celtic showed to positive effects of having a large squad. With only 3 changes from the previous weeks starting 11 Celtic got off to a nervy start. There was plenty of running in their legs but not a whole lot of structure.

After 15 mins the first positional change was brought with the "free" running Austin moved from center half to central midfield with McCann moving back to cover the defence. Most Celtic fans would have thought this would have settled the Celtic defence but in true footballing irony Gray O'Rourke, a player who almost signed for Celtic, struck with a neat turn and sidefoot into the bottom right corner of Liam Keeleys goal.

After that it was all Celtic for 10-15 minutes. Celtic almost inspired by the Bohs goal played some compact football down the flanks but still failed to get the ball forward quickly enough. After 32 minutes Celtic's breakthrough came however. The ball was played forward quickly to Chris Crowley approx 20 yards from the Bohs goal. Crowley controlled the ball, rode one tackle and shot across the goal and into the far top corner. First goal of the season in Chris's first game up front! Perhaps and inspired piece of managerial decide!!!

A half time substitution saw Darren McCann leave the pitch nursing, what has been diagnosed as an achilles tendon strain, saw Robert Breen take the midfield role along beside a non stop running Austin with Brian McHale reverting to centre half. The second half saw Celtic play some of the best football they have managed in 2 years and really take control of the game. Whenever Bohs attacked some tough tackling from Glen McDermott or Dave McCabe, some sheer presence from Brian McHale or some inspired interceptions from Robert Whelan left Bohs attack frustrated.

The midfield was looking a bit tired so the introduction of Ricky for Bob Kelly turned the tide of the game. His first 2 touches saw Ricky play in Jimmy Whelan who missed the chances when he might have squared but never the less better to have the chances and miss then not to have them at all...two more substitutions and the sending off of Bohs Stephen Grogan saw Celtic forge out the winner they richly deserved. Mick popping up in the box to have his initial shot blocked only for the re-bound to sit nicely for him to bury..

3points greatly accepted and Celtic will be back to full strenght next week for whatever challenge awaits them...Europe looking good a league title well who knows!!

Chumbly Warner...

Blackhorse Celtic 1-1 Carraig Rovers

Liam Keely - (8)

David McCabe (8)

Darren McCann (8.5)

Paul Manion (8)

Brian McHale (8)

Chris Crowley (9)

Robbie Whelan (8)

Liam Harding (8)

John Clinton (8.5)

Jimmy Whealen (8)

Robbie Curran (8)


Mick (8)

Scott McCann (8)

Bob Kelly